Prayers and novenas about the current events

Jesus sends his apostles to this world. We are invited to join the Kingdom of God. Jesus invites every Christian to be a light in this world today. Hence, it is important to pray for the issues affecting our human brothers and sisters, for what happens in our homes or further away, for the challenges of our times. Prayer can change the world. Together, we can share a novena or our prayer intentions to entrust the suffering and trials our society is going through to the Lord. We can ask him to send his Spirit of comfort, discernment and peace.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in suffering.

Every day, natural disasters, wars, and conflicts bring their share of violence and upheaval. It is even more needed than before to grow in hope. Let’s carry all the victims of these tragic events in our prayers. Let’s also pray for those who close their eyes, allowing this violence cause it. Let’s ask our Saviour for the conversion of hearts.

Here, you can find prayer communities that allow you to join specific prayer intentions. You can also find a novena to accompany your prayers in other website sections: Prayer intentions, Persecution of Christians, Prayers for the ill, etc. 

Pray for societal and environmental issues.

Current events come with great questions to be asked. They can be of an ethical kind, namely the questions regarding life itself, societal or humanity, with the challenges surrounding migrations, environment, with the current climate crisis. Any of these questions is simple, and we all need the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment to make these decisions and his guidance to think them through. So let’s lay our questions and fears before God. Let’s grow our faith through prayer for a more respectful and fraternal future.

Share a prayer intention. 

What’s going on in the world can change overnight! Thus, facing dramatic or difficult news, let’s pray together instead of being just observers. Don’t hesitate to post a prayer intention that will be visible to all the Hozana members for 48 hours!