Pro-life prayers

Our society has to face the ethical questions concerning human life, from conception until death. These matters are deeply relatable to each and every one of us. Prayer can help us separate fear-induced ideas from those driven by love. One of the biggest mysteries of human life is that its beauty lies in its fragility. Suffering, pain, disability, growing old, and death is natural parts of our lives that God guides us through. Charles de Foucauld once said: "In every human, we can see an unutterable holy being". Let's pray so everyone can see this sacred value of human life!

Prayers and bioethics

Following the new project of the bioethics bill, all Christians are encouraged to pray for the recognition of the sacred value of human life. In addition, we can pray for our legislators and the Holy Spirit's guidance in deciding on matters such as abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, ART, etc. 

We can also pray with the intention for those suffering, facing illness, infertility and other life hardships. Hence, Jesus Christ comes into their lives and provides them with the hope and courage they need.

Prayers and novenas in defence of the most vulnerable

Even when fully dependent on others, before birth or at the end of life on Earth, physically or mentally disabled, for God, our lives are priceless! Every man and woman has their dignity, and their life is of infinite value, no matter their abilities or competence. 

Through our prayers, we can ask God to act on our hearts so everyone can find their place within our society. So let’s pray for every voice to be heard, even the weakest ones, of those who can not speak for themselves.

Prayers in the intention of families

In his "Letter to Families", John Paul II explains the importance of praying for the family. Family is a privileged space where life is created and grows. Therefore, it should provide protection, support and nurture.

The novenas enable us to bring our prayer intentions to Jesus or Virgin Mary. We can also entrust those in need, facing hardships, suffering from illness, disability, or infertility.