Meditate on The Daily Gospel Online

The New Testament opens with the four Gospels: the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of John, the Gospel of Luke, and the Gospel of Mark.  These books recount the life story of Jesus, from Mary’s pregnancy to Christ’s death and resurrection. We learn most about the public life of Jesus: the miracles and healings He performed, the people He encountered (Zechariah, the Samaritan woman, Mary-Magdalene, Bartimaeus, etc.), His teachings and parables… The liturgy of the day is a moment during Mass comprising of reading from the Scriptures, including an excerpt from the Gospel.

Ways to discover the Daily Gospel

Hozana offers several ways to discover the daily gospel. Depending on how you wish to incorporate it into your morning routine, you can choose to study text, images or audio recordings.

Let us guide you with the commentaries of priests or pastors that will help you interpret the Bible. You can also meditate on the gospel with Saint Bernadette. No matter what form we choose, the daily gospel enables us to follow Jesus’s steps day by day and grow in holiness!

Daily reading

Liturgical texts are a helpful tool in getting into daily reading. They feature excerpts of the New Testament, namely teaching from the Epistles of Paul and the Old Testament. Every day, we can discover a new psalm.

Sign up to receive them daily! You can choose to subscribe to the scripture alone or accompanied by a meditation and a commentary. Let His Word be with you throughout your day!

The deeper meaning behind the Gospel and the Parables

The Word of God is alive and doted of infinite abundance. It calls and challenges us, jostles us and 

forces us to work on ourselves. However, sometimes it can seem not easy to understand. For this reason, biblical texts might feel out of our reach. 

Thanks to our few days of retreats or longer courses, you can now discover Matthew’s Gospel or the Parables simply and freshly!