Pray for the couples

Living in a romantic relationship is more than just co-living. Couples build, grow, evolve, suffer, and vibe on another level than just two people spending time together. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to listen, nourish, protect, and look after our soulmates. For a relationship, prayer should be like breathing. It enables the spouses to receive and accept the Lord’s grace that saves, strengthens, tightens and restores the ties. Prayer in a relationship is also a way to enter beneficial intimacy with your spouse. Fiancés, married or not, whatever your situation might be, entrust your difficulties, your joys and struggles, your hopes in God!

Discover and learn how to pray as a couple

Praying together is not always easy. Couples often have a different approach to prayer. Proposing to share this moment can feel awkward or uncomfortable. Yet, a couple’s prayer is an important time of sharing, listening and accepting our other half.

Many of Hozana’s online retreats offer to guide you in a simple and lively way through the couple’s prayer. You can start with a prayer, a text to meditate on, a proposition of dialogue or a challenge to take on.

Pray to reinforce the love in your relationship

Being in a relationship is not a state that, once acquired, does not move anymore. The arrival of children, trials of life, and careers make our relationships different from what they were yesterday and what they will be tomorrow. Therefore, offering one another regularly a time to think about your relationship, your husband or wife, is crucial. It enables us to learn and relearn how to see our spouses through God’s eyes and discern what a miracle they are. The ‘I do’ we say on the day of marriage is something to repeat continuously.

On Valentine’s Day, for your loved one’s birthday, or at any other moment, offer some freshness to your relationship with novenas offered on Hozana!

Pray for couples with difficulties

Hardships, routine, lack of attention and communication, lack of trust and self-confidence can harm a relationship. You can confide in conflictual or heavy situations in our prayer communities. Thanks to prayer, you can walk together towards dialogue and communication.

With Virgin Mary, Saint Anna and Saint Joachim, Saint Louis and Zelie Martin or the Holy Spirit, regive some joy and tenderness to your everyday life!

Pray for couples trying to conceive

Infertility or subfertility are extremely daunting trials for a couple wishing to found a family. Join one of our novenas to pray with and for the couples hoping to experience the joy of welcoming a child