Praying with the Bible

The Bible is the holy book of Christians. The Word of God is revealed to us through the Old Testament and the New. His Word is living. It traverses the centuries to speak to each of us in the reality of our lives and the uniqueness of our experiences. Psalms, Gospels, Epistles of Paul. The Scriptures can accompany us throughout the day. Praying with the Bible is a way to open our ears to what the Lord wishes to tell us. 

“What would happen were we to treat the Bible as we treat our mobile phone? Were we to always carry it with us, or at least a small, pocket-sized Gospel, what would happen?” (Pope Francis, Angelus, 5 March 2017)

Welcoming the Word of God Every Day

The Books that compose the Bible are attributed to different authors: David, Solomon, the four evangelists, etc. The Holy Spirit inspired the writings of the Bible. God speaks to each of us through It. A Bible verse, a word, a teaching of Jesus from a Gospel excerpt can bring us comfort and guidance as we question ourselves and the world around us. 

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Learning to Read the Bible

The Bible is composed of many books, and we can’t read the Psalms like we would read an Epistle or the Book of Genesis. It can feel unclear to understand the logic of all these different stories and writing styles from all these different periods. But with a bit of practice and with the right tips, we can all find our way around these small difficulties and enjoy all the beautiful things from this Holy Book! 

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Pray the Lectio Divina Online

The Lectio Divina is a prayer based on reading and meditating on the Scriptures. It is a method that can allow you to enter into a passage from the Bible and let it speak to you by meditating: the purpose is to enter into a heart to heart with God. The Lectio Divina follows four steps, called lectio, meditatio, oratio, and contemplatio - it opens the door to prayer by highlighting the importance of welcoming and listening to the Word of God. This meditative form of worship can be practised using the Daily Gospel or any other passage from the Bible. 

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