Prayers and Novenas to Angels

Angels are celestial beings sent by God to protect our souls and guide us to the Father. They are also divine messengers to whom we can entrust our prayers. The Bible lists nine categories of angels, which it refers to as the nine choirs of angels. At the top of the hierarchy are the Archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael each have special missions about humanity. In the choir of angels, we also find Guardian Angels chosen to protect and accompany us throughout our lives. 

Prayer to Michael Archangel

Saint Michael is the leader of the celestial militia. As illustrated in the Book of Revelations, he leads the army of angels and defends us against evil when defeating the Dragon. We pray to him to receive his help and protection in our spiritual combats. There are many novenas to Michael and the nine choirs of angels, which can be recited in preparation for the Feast Day of Saint Michael Archangel on September 29th, or any other time during the year (especially in times of crisis). 

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael

Another popular Archangel to pray to is St. Raphael, the Patron Saint of Healers. His name means 

“God heals”, which unsurprisingly means that he is the object of many prayers for healing or assistance during difficult times. For example, in the Bible  healed Tobias’ Father and his future wife, Sara. Novenas to St. Michael allow us to entrust ourselves or a close one to God, who heals and protects. 

A guardian angel accompanies prayers to My Guardian Angel each of us during our lives on earth. These celestial companions are with us at every moment, ready to help us receive the grace of God as long as we ask for it. We are invited to rely on them (like Padre Pio so often did) whether we are facing hardship or simply trying to make our everyday decisions. We can also entrust them with our prayers, which they will directly bring to the Father in a wingbeat!

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